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If you are the owner of a car garage or MOT service centre, you may experience cash flow issues during the year. If you face unexpected expenses, or wish to grow your business, Liquid Finance is able to offer car garage alternative finance options and business Financing to meet your needs. Our flexible merchant cash advance business financing are ideal for expanding your business, restocking spare parts, and much more. For a faster and more convenient service than bank loans, enquire with Liquid Finance for a car garage alternative finance option today.

Finding the right business financing for your car garage business
Owning an independent garage or MOT service centre can be difficult – unexpected expenses can easily come up and supplies can be needed at short notice. Using an alternative finance option brings with it the freedom to respond quickly to these situations, without the unnecessary and burdensome spending restrictions of a bank-provided alternative. Having a line of credit available from Liquid Finance can help you smooth your spending over the year and keep your business in a good position to serve its clients.


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