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Keeping your clients looking and feeling their best is your priority as the owner of a hair and beauty salon – and our priority as business financing experts is giving you the funding you need to do so. At Liquid Finance, we offer a business financing that can be used for whatever you need, whether it is employee training, salon renovations, redecorating, purchasing new equipment, or unexpected expenses. Our hair and beauty alternative finance solutions can help your salon shine, letting you add the finishing touches that your clients will love.

Why choose hair and beauty alternative finance options?
According to the UK’s Hair and Beauty Industry Authority, the price of many basic hair and beauty products has steadily declined over recent years, giving individuals greater scope for spending on hair and beauty services alongside said products. However, salon owners must be able to keep up with the latest trends if they want to keep their clients happy and ensure they are providing an “experience” rather than just a “service”. This is why the quick cash access that a business cash advance offers is perfect for hair and beauty salons; a quick approval process and freedom for businesses to use cash as they please allows the owner to operate with a level of flexibility and adaptability that isn’t on offer with other credit options.


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