Liquid Finance specialise in cash advances for the retail sector.  The number of independent retailers in the UK has soared by 110% in the past five years! The biggest surge was seen in 2012 (46%) according to the Portas Review on the future of UK high streets.

Shopping has become more of a social experience and retailers are needing to adapt to meet changing customer needs from the look and feel of the store, to the product ranges held, the payment options offered and online/social media engagements.

If you own a shop, have a retail outlet or run an online retail business, cash flow will form a major part in maintaining and growing your business.

Depending on what you are selling, you are likely to have peaks and troughs in business, times when you need to sell off old stock and restock with the next trend.

Seasonal variations can cause great issues with cash flow…people don’t buy umbrellas when the sun shines!

Liquid Finance has worked with many retail establishments, assisting them to buy new stock, break into new markets, renovate premises etc
Read below the stories of customers who have already benefited from a Liquid Finance Business Cash Advance.

Inn Vestment Estates

"We wanted to get ahead of the game but were hindered by cash flow being tied up with the brewery or suppliers - sometimes taking 5 months to release. The Liquid Finance merchant cash advance gave us the freedom to grow our business when the opportunity arose. The quick injection of cash seemed expensive at first but turned out to be the best thing for our business. Would definitely recommend to others!"

Drew Cook, Director
Kemps Of Cottingham

"We first turned to Liquid Finance to get funding for extra Christmas gift stock in 2014 – a business cash advance is a great way to generate funds from your card sales and is so easy to set up and use – I hardly notice it! Since our first advance, we have continued to use the service to fund further stock and some renovations – we are very impressed with the service and would definitely recommend!"

David Kemp, Proprietor – Kemps of Cottingham
Old Chapel Service Station And Deli

"It is very hard to obtain secured funding from traditional lenders in Ireland and I think small business owners should feel safe to explore alternative sources. The Liquid Finance Cash Advance is a breath of fresh air as it comes with the huge advantage of not requiring a lengthy business plan in order to be considered, all costings are explained upfront and funds were released promptly. The repayment flexibility of the Liquid Finance Cash Advance is excellent for us as we have busy and quiet periods during the year and so I would definitely recommend this to others!"

Greg Leahy, The Old Chapel Service Station and Deli
Leatherhead Van And Truck Ltd

"The beauty of the Merchant Cash Advance is the efficiency of the process – the team are friendly and helpful, they get the funds to us quickly and are always available to help with any queries. We have continued to go back to Liquid Finance over the past 10 months and will go on doing so as our business grows – this is so much better than traditional financing…I would actually call it stunning!!"

Doug Nearn, Manager, Leatherhead Van and Truck Ltd

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